Sustainable Design and Practices Attract Residents to this Life Plan Community

Published Sep 12, 2022

This LeadingAge member, with the help of its environmentally aware residents, is modeling the benefits of a green community.


A late-February ceremony dedicated Seabury’s new EcoRich commercial composter (green, in background), part of the community’s extensive environmental sustainability program.

As retirement communities plan to serve new generations of residents, appealing to the needs and desires of those residents is a strategic planning imperative. For Seabury, a life plan community in Bloomfield, CT, leaders looked at the future through an environmental sustainability perspective, says Christine DuPont, Seabury vice president of marketing & communications.

“We had this opportunity to assess what we could do to change the direction of our community,” she says. “What could we [do], long-term, to serve the older adults on this campus? There is a passion for trying to clean up the world, to leave it a better place for future generations, and a lot of activism in that group. And so that vision, from the leadership plus [the people] living here, coalesced.”