Rapido rotary composter

Rotary composter uses blower and turning of material for aerobic composting. The process uses low energy and requires browns.


Discover the Features of the Rapido Composter

The Rapido is the perfect solution for all your commercial composting needs. Take a look at some of the distinguishing features it offers:

Suitable for indoor in cold weather and indoor or outdoor in warm weather.
Some composting experience required.
Reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills, resulting in increased savings.
Better quality compost and and greater control on the quality of the output.
Affordable purchasing and leasing options available.

Checkout the Rapido Composter specs

The Rapido Composter comes with a touch-screen interface control panel for easy operation.

The composting process is fully contained in the digestion chamber, which includes one fresh air inlet and one hot air outlet. As the internal tank rotates, the material within shifts allowing it to mix with the air, resulting in a fully aerobic composting process.

Though it requires some basic knowledge of composting, the Rapido Composter is low maintenance and easy to use. Our experts utilize state-of-the-art technology. The Rapido composter comes in six models, ranging from 100 pounds to 2,000 pounds.

To view all of the models and specifications, click on the brochure link below.

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Rapido rotary composter Highlights

The volume of food waste reduced by 50% in 14 day process.

Requires adding browns like sawdust or woodchips

A fully automated process, with minimum noise and little or no odors to deal with.

Our machines use a variable frequency drive, reducing energy consumption by 15%.

Uses natural composting heat to do composting process. Low energy solution

A touch-screen interface control panel for ease of operation on our composters.

Our Composters are Suitable for Industries of All Kinds

Schools & Universities
Hospitals & Clinics
Multi-unit Apartment Buildings
Company Cafeterias
Entertainment & Amusement Parks
Hotels, Resorts  & Casinos
Supermarkets &  Farmers Markets
Company Restaurants, Cafe &  Coffee Shops

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