Aerobic Digestion Solutions

EcoRich is committed to helping businesses and organizations meet their sustainability goals with quality commercial composting equipment and biodigesters of different sizes, with a wide range of solutions and volume capabilities.

aerobic digestion

EcoRich Composters that Use Aerobic Digestion

Our Elite II range of in-vessel aerobic composters utilize fresh air, heat, and a heat-tolerent microbe to break down food waste - including pathogens. The microbes thrive on the combination of oxygen, heat, and new food waste every day to produce a finished product in just 24 hours.

Elite II Composter

The Elite II comes in various models to serve food waste producers of every size. Whether you run a small cafe, school dining hall, or a large resort hotel, our composting systems can help your business significantly reduce waste and positively impact the environment.

The Elite II is efficient and easy to use. Within one 24-hour cycle, the volume of food waste goes down by up to 90%, meaning you’ll have plenty of room in the system and can use it daily. You’ll only need to empty the system every 3-7 days, which means little staff time is needed to operate it.

The Elite II comes in models that range from 20 pounds to 4,000 pounds of daily processing capacity. Add-on option equipment includes an automatic bin loader, programmed compost removal, a crusher/shredder, and a bucket and screw option that can further reduce loading time

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Rapido Composter

The Rapido composting solution is a 14 day process which - in addition to food waste - requires the daily addition of browns (wood chips, dry leaves, sawdust). Since it requires low maintenance and doesn’t consume much energy, businesses can save on upkeep and energy costs. The composter’s external panels are coated in weather-resistant powder, which adds to its longevity.

It is available in models ranging from 100 pounds to 2,000 pounds of daily food waste processing capability. With this type of equipment, businesses can experience a reduction of up to 60% in food waste volume.

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Hassle-Free food waste Solutions

Food waste that winds up in landfills is a major contributor to global warming.

Reducing that waste has always been confusing and a costly problem to solve.

Having an EcoRich anaerobic composter onsite makes it super easy to go green.

Load your food waste into the composter

Continuous feed. Everyday bio-gas production

Use soil amendment on site

our zero-waste mission

With food waste recycling becoming increasingly important and popular, EcoRich is here to help break businesses' reliance on landfills, one facility at a time, with our easy-to-use and effective composting solutions.
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