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What is sustainability?

Sustainability is reducing, reusing, and recycling. It is time for everyone, from individuals to governing systems, to recognize the importance of sustainable living. By doing so, we can leave a healthy planet for future generations.


One way to think about sustainability is to ask, “Are we leaving a healthy planet behind for our children and the Earth’s future generations?”

Healthy lands and good quality food will be in short supply if we do not replenish our soils. With the Earth’s ever-growing population, we will have fewer open spaces to enjoy, less land to farm, but more mouths to feed. If we don’t nourish our soil with proper nutrients, we run the risk of it becoming unusable or unproductive in only a few decades.

By composting, you can control your food waste and return nutrition back into the soil the way nature intended. Return it to the soil on your company’s grounds, give it to nearby garden centers and landscapers, or to your employees, customers or local homeowners for use in their gardens or flower pots.


The EcoRich line of on-site commercial and home composters can help food waste producers of all sizes to recycle food waste. They are easy to use, and odor and pest free.

The Elite II composter is an automatic composting solution for commercial kitchens or any other business that produces food waste. The unique process recycles all food waste, cooked or uncooked (not just scraps or peelings) into a soil amendment in 24 hours. With over 200 machines working around the world, you too can be part of this fast-growing trend and be a sustainability champion for your business or community.

With EcoRich, going green is easy and affordable. Our 100 lbs.-per-day machine can keep 18 tons of food waste out of the landfill in one year. The 2,500 lbs.-per-day machines can keep 450 tons out of the landfill per year and help you to realize big disposal cost savings.


EcoRich composters give food waste producers of all kinds full control over the disposal of their food waste, including a new way to control its cost.

Communal waste areas on campuses, parks, and at the rear of restaurants and buildings will see reduced spillage, odors, litter, and pest infestation.


With an EcoRich Elite ll Composter, 100 pounds of food waste becomes 10 to 15 pounds of nutrient-rich soil amendment in just 24 hours.


Food waste volume is reduced in just 24 hours

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 12.24.00 PM copy.png

Percentage of initial organic material remaining


There will be environmental benefits too.

Traditionally, food waste is disposed of by taking it to a landfill where it is buried. With the absence of oxygen, the food waste then breaks down; this is known as anaerobic digestion. Although natural, this produces damaging global warming methane gas. The EcoRich process avoids this.

By composting on-site with an EcoRich composter, you can make a meaningful contribution towards a better atmosphere for the future - a win for everyone.

And you can help your local community too. Fewer vehicle journeys (the result of fewer collections) will mean easier-to-drive and quieter streets at all hours and better air quality.

Hotels, restaurants, golf courses, and clubs can reduce waste collection costs and vehicle visits. Universities, hospitals, schools, and other large institutions can lead the way by setting an example for the rest of society.



On-site composting offers consistency for business owners and site managers and reinforces the practice and understanding of the food waste recycling process.

Communities benefit from less garbage presented on the streets for collection, fewer spills, odors, and pests, along with reduced traffic congestion and cleaner air.


In addition to being a nutrition-rich soil amendment, the end product from our machines can be used on-site to enrich campuses and grounds the way nature intended, and further save money.


That’s real sustainability!