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Ensuring safe, clean, and pleasant communities for our future


One way to think about sustainability is to ask “What will cities and communities look like in ten years?”

Our answer: With EcoRich Elite II food waste composters, cities, neighborhoods, and campuses of all kinds will be safer, cleaner, more pleasant to live and work in - and more prosperous. EcoRich composters can be used by food producers of all kinds and sizes - anywhere.



It means less garbage presented on streets for collection and fewer spills, odors, and pests on sidewalks.

Cities, towns, campuses, corporate headquarters and sports venues of all sizes will be nicer to traverse.


With an EcoRich Elite ll Composter, 100 pounds of food waste becomes 10 to 15 pounds of nutrient-rich soil amendment in just 24 hours.


Food waste volume is reduced in just 24 hours

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 12.24.00 PM copy.png

Percentage of initial organic material remaining


There will be environmental benefits too.

Fewer vehicle journeys, the result of fewer collections, will mean easier-to-drive and quieter streets at all hours, and better air quality.

Hotels, restaurants, golf courses, and clubs can reduce waste collection costs and vehicle visits. Universities, hospitals, schools, and other large institutions can divert more resources to core operations. All of those savings can be used to employ more people or pay a better wage.



Less litter on walkways and streets will realize significant savings in street cleaning - year on year.

Communal garbage areas at the rear of restaurants and buildings will see reduced spillage, odor, and pest infestation.


In addition to being a nutrition-rich soil amendment, the end product from our machines can be used on-site to enrich campuses and grounds the way nature intended, and further save money.


That’s real sustainability!