Food Waste Recycling Made Easy

EcoRich offers a wide range of on-site commercial composting solutions and food waste to energy solutions. We supply the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central and South America.

elite II aerobic digestion solutions for commercial food waste recycling
Streamline your waste

We're the right solution - and the right investment

EcoRich products can streamline your waste management systems and improve your efforts toward a sustainable future. For example, our Elite II commercial composters and biodigesters are easy to operate, and are now being used by businesses and organizations of all kinds to recycle food waste and other organic matter into into a nutrient-rich soil improver that can be returned to the earth rather than be lost in a landfill.

The Road to Sustainability

Start recycling your food and organic waste, and be a leader in the global effort for a more sustainable and healthy environment!

EcoRich on-site commercial composters utilize in-vessel aerobic (with oxygen) processes and anaerobic digester with anaerobic composting. Aerobic processes convert food materials of all kinds into nutrient-rich products that can be used on-site, to nourish the grounds of business or educational campuses, gardens, and other landscapes that require additives, but in a sustainable, circular-economy way. Anaerobic digestion produces biogas for energy generation and other related applications.

And it’s more than just reducing your site’s carbon footprint. By eliminating the need to have food waste materials hauled away, and returning the nutrient-rich end products to the grounds of your facility, you reduce your costs.

Don't need the end product for your site? That's okay - it's reduced in volume by up to 90% so you can dispose of it at a fraction of your current costs.

green plants in row on farm using food waste recycling
Our solutions

Hassle-Free food waste Solutions

Aerobic Digestion Solutions

includes the Elite II & Rapido composters
A 24-hour or a 14-day solution, depending on your needs.
The finished material is a carbon-rich soil additive
A simpler solution for schools, restaurants, and more

Anaerobic Digestion Solutions

includes CIRC Kitchen Waste Series & Modbio systems
Produces biogas or electricity
A solution for commercial businesses, farms, municipalities, and more
Higher investment, better ROI.

on-site composting

On-site composting offers consistency for business owners and site managers, and reinforces the understandings and practices related to food waste recycling. With on-site composting and recycling efforts in place, communities can benefit from less garbage on the streets for collection, fewer spills, odors, and pests, along with reduced traffic congestion and cleaner air.