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EcoRich started small, with the idea of selling food waste composters for the home. But when the world at large began to see the benefits of food waste recycling, we saw a new opportunity. With most food waste still going to landfills, we seized the opportunity to expand and become a provider of commercial composters that can repurpose food waste materials of all kinds into a nutrient-rich soil amendment for on-site use or sale. A CIRC anaerobic biodigester is the latest addition to the food waste solution lineup. The bio-digester produces biogas and liquid fertilizer as an output. It comes in four sizes: 200kg, 400 kg, and 600 kg per day processing capacity.

Our goal is to make on-site composting easy for customers of all sizes, take little staff time, and be affordable to all. We offer a composting experience without the spills, pests, odors, and overall lack of aesthetic appeal typically associated with on-site food waste storage and processing. EcoRich composters - and our processes – offer you a truly sustainable alternative to traditional food waste disposal options. Our products are scalable, with capacities from 20 pounds to 4,000 pounds per day and with a range of add-on options that make recycling easy and cost-effective for large and small food waste producers. Over 500 of our machines are installed in 10 countries.

Aerobic Digestion Solutions

includes the Elite II & Rapido composters
A 24-hour or a 14-day solution, depending on your needs.
The finished material is a carbon-rich soil additive
A simpler solution for schools, restaurants, and more

Anaerobic Digestion Solutions

includes CIRC Kitchen Waste Series & Modbio systems
Produces biogas or electricity
A solution for commercial businesses, farms, municipalities, and more
Higher investment, better ROI.
our aim

We aim to provide businesses and organizations with a stress-free and efficient composting experience and support their sustainability goals. Our team consists of experienced business professionals with in-depth knowledge of environmental awareness and the benefits of sustainable waste management.

EcoRich is eager to work with and support businesses that care about the environment by providing you with an efficient commercial composting system that satisfies your requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how our diverse product line could help your specific composting needs.


EcoRich is a proud MBE-certified business.  Our team consists of experienced business professionals with in-depth knowledge of environmental awareness and the benefits of sustainable waste management.

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Here’s why we do this

With the challenges of a changing climate and related environmental change, the world community has embraced efforts like waste reduction, recycling, and materials recovery.

At EcoRich, our goal is to encourage sustainability by providing solutions that reduce food waste and the need for landfills. We provide industries with On-site food waste recycling solutions that can convert waste into a nutrient-rich soil amendment or energy, that can be used or sold.

Our team

meet the people behind it

Manish Desai

EcoRich Founder and President

Manish is a hands-on director and businessman who, since 1995, has taken on businesses to turn them around to be popular and profitable. When looking for his next challenge, Manish chose composting - something he is passionate about, and can make a real difference to our precious Earth.

+1 973 517-6820manish.desai@ecorichenv.com

Charles Nouhan, MCIWM

Senior Sales Executive

Charles, EcoRich's Senior Sales Executive, is a professional waste manager and sustainability expert with experience in the United States and the United Kingdom.

A Member of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management, he advises businesses, institutions, communities, and governments on the recovery of food waste for reuse and on developing strategies for the more effective capture of contamination-free recyclables.

+1 201 674-7088charles@ecorichenv.com

Max Lerner

Environmental Scientist, MPA, CSR Expert, LEED GA, GPRO FUND + O&M

Max is a deliverable focused environmental scientist and project coordinator with a track record of+20 years of managing green infrastructure and related sustainability outreach. His primary focus is to inspire local / national / international parties into conscious stewardship of the planet, advancing the rollout of modern sustainable and resilient technologies across the urban environment and beyond.

As the head CSO and CSR officer of EcoRich, Max lead initiatives to empower optimized waste diversion projects on a global scale.

+1 (917) 671-8026max@ecorichenv.com