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Why We're Doing This

The world has begun to understand the benefit of food waste recycling, and we see an opportunity. Most food waste still goes to landfill, but with our commercial and home composters it can be repurposed into a nutrient-rich soil amendment for on-site use or for sale.

In addition, disposal costs, traffic-related congestion, and vehicle emissions are reduced by composting food waste on site. If that waste, reduced in weight by 85%, still needs to be moved or collected it can be done at a fraction of the cost and the high cost of large-scale centralized food waste processing is eliminated.

EcoRich offers a truly sustainable alternative.

Our Team

Manish Desai, EcoRich Founder and President

Manish is a hands-on director and businessman, who since 1995 has taken on businesses to turn them around to be popular and profitable. When looking for his next challenge Manish chose composting, something he is passionate about.

Contact Manish at or +1 973 517-6820

Charles Nouhan, EcoRich Sustainability Advisor

Charles is a waste manager and sustainable cities practitioner with international experience. He aims to help communities and businesses find sustainable solutions to their waste, especially the composting of organic waste for nutrient recovery.

Contact Charles at or +1 201 674-7088

Christopher Eng, EcoRich Director of Business Development and Brand Strategy

Chris has worked in both large multinational corporations and small start-ups in several marketing roles and capacities. He’s had a life-long passion for the environment and marine eco systems, and recently became certified as Climate Reality Leader based in the San Francisco Bay area.

Contact Chris at or +1 973 454-4869