CIRC System

Easily predict gas production rates and minimize your operating costs with our highly effective AD technology. This system is most suitable for industries with large volumes of food waste with the goal of capturing biogas.


Onsite Compact Systems

Climate Action

Produce affordable renewable energy for towns and cities.


Offset from landfill avoidance. Measurable impact for credits.


A high-value balance byproduct suitable for direct application to plants.

Circ System

Below are the following CIRC models:
BT-50 — 50 kg per day 
BT-200 — 200 kg per day 
BT-400 — 400 kg per day 
BT-600 — 600 kg per day 
Features of the EcoRich CIRC ModBio System
It follows an AI-based process console that predicts gas potential per day.
It comes with remote operations for any kind of optimization and troubleshooting.
It produces high-quality liquid fertilizer as an end product.
The CIRC ModBio system is scalable for higher capacity requirements and ideal for gas grid operations within buildings.
It has an automated system for efficient and safe operations.
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