Frequently Asked Questions

The EcoRich in-vessel composting plant provides towns with a local low cost composting plant.

How does the EcoRich process work so quickly?

While traditional composting may take anywhere from several weeks to months and years, a great deal of that time is due to a combination of natural decomposition being a slow process and human error delaying it further. In contrast, the EcoRich process uses fresh air, heat, and a thermophilic (heat-tolerant) microbe, Alicyclobacillus S. to speed up the process. This means that food materials are fully digested and reduced in volume, not dehydrated.

Is the machine complicated to operate?

It is incredibly simple; training on our machine operations takes as little as 30 minutes, and no experience or proficiency with technology as most of the processes are internal, and automated. The operator just loads the composter once per day, presses the ‘run compost cycle’ icon on a touchscreen, and the rest is the composter's work!

Is this compost different from regular compost?

Because this compost is made through a streamlined, automated process, the composition of the finished material – a soil amendment, not a compost in the traditional sense like that from a gardening center - is more uniform and predictable than normal backyard compost. This does not affect its usability, and in fact it is much easier to manage thanks to its reduced weight!

What happens if I don't have enough material to fill the machine?

The machine can easily run below capacity, and will continually reduce the volume of its new inputs by approximately 90% daily. Feel free to run it anywhere up to its full capacity without issue!

Does it smell?

No. Once food material is loaded, the loading hatch is shut so that no odors can escape.

Does it attract pests?

No, thanks to the digestion chamber being closed, high temperatures, fresh air, and constant mixing of the materials there are no odors  to attract pests. Feel free to add any organic materials into the vessel, it will always be pest free!

our zero-waste mission

We believe to reduce landfill use, food waste recycling is most important.

hear from our customers

“I spoke with the owner of the company directly about composting systems. Very professional, friendly, and helpful. The product I ordered  is a beautiful, one of a kind composter that I hope we will see more of in the U.S. Great company, great owner, amazing products.”
-Elise Wells, Google Review