modbio system

The EcoRich Modbio System digests fibrous materials and waste products in multi-stage biogas plants. Our multi-stage ad plant is up to 30% more efficient than most conventional one-stage digestion plants and can operate with over 75 different types of feedstock.

organic solutions

Organic waste solutions

5 to 30 tons

The high-performance biogas plant offers separate hydrolysis and acidification and can digest various fibrous and energy-rich materials. The biochemical processes are deliberately separated in a multi-stage plant to optimize the biogas extracted.

Hydrolysis and acidification occur in the hydrolysis tanks, and acetification and mechanization occur in the digester tank.

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Modular design
The plant can be expanded to manage a growing volume of food waste.
The Modbio system can run on the biogas it generates, and provide other site operations with energy too.
Low labor requirement.
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modbio system Highlights

Food waste that winds up in landfills is a major contributor to global warming.

Reducing that waste has always been confusing and a costly problem to solve.

Having an EcoRich anaerobic biodigester plant can be installed at different location. We make going green easy.

Load your food waste into the biodigester

Continuous feed. Everyday bio-gas production

Use energy and liquid fertilizer on-site or put it on grid.

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