EcoRich Commissions Two Commercial Composters at Dow Chemical Company

Published Feb 09, 2019

At the end of January, EcoRich Founder Manish Desai visited Midland Michigan to commission two EcoRich Elite II composters at two Dow Chemical Company facilities. The first of our installations in Michigan, the machines - both sited indoors and easily installed - look great and are working well.

Utilizing EcoRich’s unique 24-hour process, food waste from staff dining areas – up to 100 pounds per day in each machine – will be transformed into a nutrient-rich soil amendment to be used for landscaping purposes at two sites in Midland.

EcoRich machines are suitable for food waste producers of all kinds, and the Midland installations illustrate how they can be deployed at corporate sites, college campuses, schools, hospitals, prisons, and the like. And they are great for restaurants too!

To hear more about the Dow installations and how EcoRich composters can meet your food waste disposal needs, contact Charles Nouhan on 201 674-7088 or