See How EcoRich Commercial Food Waste Composters Can Transform Your Waste Disposal Practices

Published May 02, 2019

EcoRich in-vessel commercial food waste composters digest food waste of all kinds to help you transform the way your company disposes of food waste, and it does it on site!

Here are 10 reasons why our products are unique:

1. They repurpose food waste of all kinds, uncooked and cooked, meat and bones too, into nutrient-rich compost in just 24 hours without additives.

2. Used at the source of the waste, our process uses heat, fresh air, and a heat-tolerant (thermophilic) microbe to reduce and digest the waste.

3. An 85% reduction in volume will produce up to 15% soil amendment; 100 pounds of food waste become just 15 pounds in 24 hours.

4. Additives are not needed - no wood chips, water, or browns ever just more food waste every day – that’s really all.

5. The machines are easy to use.  Just put food waste in, close the hatch and press start - that is all required to start the process.  24 hours later, everything is composted and can be removed if the machine is full.

6. The soil amendment does not need to be removed every day because it is reduced in volume by up to 85% in just 24 hours.

7. No food waste liquid to drain.  Most of the water evaporates; all that comes out of the exhaust vent is hot, moist air and a bit of condensed water.  Our process means that compost is not lost down the drain.

8. The process is odor and pest free.

9. No monitoring is needed during the process; just put the food waste in, start the machine, and go back to other tasks.

10. Compost is ejected automatically and can be used for on-site landscaping.

It really is that simple