Our First Deployment in Manhattan!

Published Dec 05, 2018

EcoRich is very pleased to announce that our most popular model, the ER-100 composter, has been deployed at a site in Manhattan in New York City. The ER-100 can digest up to 100 pounds of food waste in just 24 hours to produce a nutrient-rich soil amendment.

The ER-100, pictured, is being commissioned at a hotel that accommodates hundreds of guests and has dining facilities and banquet space producing up to 100 pounds of pre and post-consumer food waste a day.

Soil amendment produced by the machine, about 10 to 15 pounds per day, will be used on site by the groundskeeper and any excess to need material will be donated to local gardens and the like to return value to the soil as nature intended.

Once fully commissioned and in full use, we will announce the location and invite interested to visit and see a demonstration. Watch this space!

In the meantime, anyone wanting to know more EcoRich composters are encouraged to contact our sustainability advisor Charles Nouhan at charles@ecorichenv.com.

More soon!