Frequently Asked Questions

The EcoRich in-vessel composting plant provides towns with a local low cost composting plant.

Can the machine be indoors/outdoors?

Our machines are designed to be used indoors or outdoors.

How can I power the machine?

Our composters require a consistent power source. They are designed for 220 V 3-phase power, but some of our smaller models can be wired for 220 V single phase power.

How often do I need to remove material from the machine?

At least once per week, but this varies based on how much material is added to the machine. However, you can empty the composter at your leisure as capacity and need for compost arises, and you will be able to visually see how much material is in the machine!

Is the machine noisy?

The machine produces negligible noise and can be zoned indoors or outdoors. Although the machine runs constantly you will not hear any distinct sounds from it, and it is inaudible from a short distance away!

Does the machine use a lot of energy?

The machine requires consistent power, and that varies based on the size of the unit you purchase. While the machine is always on, its blowers, heaters, and the internal mixing shaft turn on and off intermittently – so it is not always running.  And, it goes into sleep mode at the end of the 24-hour cycle.

What do I do with the compost?

The resulting soil amendment can be used on-site for gardening, landscaping, and similar applications in just 21 days. You can share it with other local partners, like farms or landscapers, who have a need for compost in your area. Or, if you have no need for the soil-amendment, it can be disposed of in the traditional way but at a reduced volume of up to 90%. Since it is fully digested by the microbes, it is not putrid nor will it produce harmful methane gas.

our zero-waste mission

We believe to reduce landfill use, food waste recycling is most important.

hear from our customers

“I spoke with the owner of the company directly about composting systems. Very professional, friendly, and helpful. The product I ordered  is a beautiful, one of a kind composter that I hope we will see more of in the U.S. Great company, great owner, amazing products.”
-Elise Wells, Google Review